Puteti achizitiona produse de pe website-ul www.printoteca.ro prin comanda online alegand opțiunea de livrare a produselor prin curier sau alegand ridicarea de la unul dintre sediile Printoteca. Pe platforma www.printoteca.ro puteti comanda produse personalizate cu grafica dumneavoastra sau produse de la partenerii din marketplace.

You can buy products form the Printoteca website ordering online and having them shipped directly to you. Also, you can choose to pick-up you order from one of the Printoteca shops.

Marketplace products

Browsing through the "Shop" Section you chan choose the products you wish to buy and can add them to your cart clicking the button "Add to cart" that you can find on each product page.

You can add as many products you like to you cart, following the instructions above.

If you wish for more pieces of the same products, form the Size Chart you can select how many pieces you need form each size. By clicking add to cart, all products will be added to your virtual shopping cart.

In order to see or update the quantity of the products you have in your cart, you just need to check the quantities and adjust them using the symbols "+" or "-". For completely deleting a product simply click the ”x” simbol near it.

If you have a promotional cupon you can use it in the special field, click-ing ”Apply cupon”.


Customized products

You can browse the website for selecting products that can be customized. These products are found in the ”Create” section and can pe customized with your own graphics or with the elements that are available in pur product configurator.

After selecting a products form the ”Create” section, on the product page you cam see the sizes and colors that are available and the size chart. Please consult the size chart before choosing the size for your product.

By clicking ”personalize product” you will open the product configurator. Using the menu on the left you can upload images, add text or insert clip-arts. All elements will be inserted in the layout that is marked with a dotted line on the products, representing the area that will be printed. Only the elements inside this area will be printed.

For adding the product to you cart you should follow the steps above.

How to place an order?

It is not necessary to have an account on printoteca.ro for placing an order. If you wish to place your order using your account you must login using your username and password or by using your Facebook or Google account.

After choosing the products you want to buy, you must complete your name, delivery address and choose the delivery method. It is mandatory you fill all the requested fields. Also, you must provide correct and complete information in so that we can process your order without errors.

After filling all the requested fields please check again if the information is correct. You must read the sections ”Terms and Conditions” and ”Confidencialty Policy”, and after confirming that you have read and understood them you can click ”place order” for placing your order.

You will receive an e-mail that confirms that we have received your request- please check if the information in the e-mail is correct. After we check the details of your order you will receive a second e-mail that confirms your order can be produced.

How can I change or cancel the order?

If you change your mind before clicking ”place order” you can edit the content of your cart as you wish, you can change the delivery or payment method. If you already placed the order, please send us your request to edit it before we validate your order. After you receive the confirmation e-mail it is no longer possible for us to change your order.

Please don't hesitate to contact us when you need our support!