General terms and conditions

This document is the basis for the use of the Printoteca site and services, including the orders made or processed in connection with the Printoteca site and services, as well as the communities Printoteca makes available to customers.

You, the visitor to this site as a buyer and we WE ARE MONO SRL, a company specialized in personalized printing services, on-demand, commercial printing, selling printed products and related services (entity that exists under the "Printoteca" brand) are the parties to this contract. If you choose to work with us and use our services, such as opening a shop to sell personalized printed products and on-demand printing, please consider applying the Partner Terms and Conditions additionally.

No exceptions to these provisions are valid without the prior written permission of Printoteca. Printoteca has right to update the terms and conditions. All users will be invited to browse the document and accept the content when placing a new order. If you do not agree to the terms of the Terms and Conditions, you must stop using the services of Printoteca.

The Printoteca brand and the sales platform are owned by SC WE ARE MONO SRL, J40 /7792/2015, RO 34602336, located in Romania, Bucharest, Sector 1, Schitu Magureanu 17.

2. Using the website

2.1. The entire content of the Printoteca site - images, texts, graphics, symbols, web graphics elements, emails, scripts, programs and other data, except for the content uploaded by users - is the property of Printoteca and is protected by the Law for copyright protection (Law 8/1996) and intellectual and industrial property laws. Use of any of the items listed above without the prior consent of Printoteca is punishable under applicable law. It is allowed to use the Printoteca site only for its purpose: online ordering for personalized products and on-demand printing services. If you find a copyright infringement, please contact us at You may use the Printoteca site and its content only in accordance with its Terms and Conditions and in accordance with the rules and instructions posted on the site. Any deviation from this may limit your site's usage rights or may result in the revocation of the access.

2.2. It is forbidden to: Interfere with your site and services by using viruses or other computer technology that may disrupt any software or hardware item. Modify, copy etc. of the technology used to make this site and its services available Use robots or other automated means of monitoring activity or copying information on the site, except for search engines, traffic counters, or similar performance measurement technologies. Pretend you have another identity Use meta tags, search terms, or similar tags that contain the name of the printer or its trademarks Perturb the activity of the platform users by any means Use the Printoteca products and services to promote obscenities, hate speech or any other content that violates the dignity or rights of a third party.

3. The Printoteca stores

3.1. includes: Product configurator section Delivered by Printoteca for end customers. Final customers are directly responsible for uploaded graphics (content and quality of documents), Printoteca has no right or obligation to intervene on them. Printoteca does not sell your design except when you want to become a Printoteca Partner and sell products through the marketplace. Marketplace The stores in the marketplace are developed by the Printoteca partners, who are directly responsible for the products they choose, the design they are loading for products on the sales platform and how they choose to promote them. Seller information is available on his profile page. Printoteca does not sell marketplace design without an order from a final customer for those products. All products, both in the product configurator section and in the marketplace, are custom-made, on-demand (on request) based on orders received from end customers. Images in which your graphic is used may appear in various information and promotion materials from Printoteca (for example, presentation films during the production process) .

4. Selling products

4.1. By placing an order on the site, the client makes a request for the products and services offered by Printoteca. Confirming the order request is not an acceptance of it, but only an acknowledgment that it has been received. Prior to accepting an order, it passes a process of verification and validation by Printoteca to make sure it does not violate copyright law, violate other legal provisions in force, or cause any damage to a third party. Printoteca can not individually check each order, but reserves the right to reject an order request when one of the listed errors is identified. Acceptance of the order is made via the e-mail confirming its production (which subsequently comes to the order confirmation e-mail), this being the moment when this contract becomes valid. During configuration stages, the client has the opportunity to check the uploaded content and specific costs. Placement of the order request is a validation of the information contained in the order. Printoteca does not guarantee the availability of the products and designs presented on the site. If an order request can not be completed, the customer will be notified as soon as possible and any amount paid in advance will be returned.

4.2. All information, drawings, figures, technical data, weight specifications, dimensions and other data available in brochures, catalogs, newsletters, advertisements or price lists are for information only. Printoteca does not guarantee the accuracy of this information, and if there are inconsistencies between the mentioned materials and the order confirmation email, the order confirmation email is preeminent.

4.3. Printoteca obligations to the customer are met when the transport service provider confirms delivery of the product. In the event of difficulties in delivering the products, Printoteca will notify the customer as soon as possible.

4.5. If the product is defective or unsatisfactory, it may be returned in accordance with the Printoteca.

5. Transport and delivery of products Printoteca assumes delivery of the products within 3 weeks of receiving the order. Orders are normally shipped within 2-4 business days, but there are exceptional circumstances where production can take up to 3 weeks. Printoteca customers can request delivery of the products within a specified timeframe based on a written agreement with Printoteca (valid only with explicit written confirmation from the Printoteca). The shipping time is added to these estimations. The delivery of the products will be done using an external courier service chosen by the printer. The customer has to pay the shipping costs, which vary according to the order value and destination. The amount of shipping costs is listed in the order confirmation email. Printoteca delivers anywhere in Romania and Europe, but also in other areas. For full delivery details and delivery costs, see the product delivery page. If, in exceptional circumstances, delivery of the products can not be made within 3 weeks, Printoteca will notify the customer in writing at the latest at the end of this period. The customer may request reimbursement of any amounts paid in advance or may choose to replace the products in the order with something that is available.

6. Prices

6.1. The prices presented on the Printoteca website are final and include all taxes according to the Romanian tax legislation. As regards VAT, the delivery address is the defining one for its amount. The prices on the Printoteca site are valid for customers in Romania and the European Union, for buyers outside the European Union (except Switzerland, Lechtenstein, Monaco) and for buyers within the European Union with special VAT arrangements (according to Article 6 of Directive 2006/112 / EC -, the prices displayed are net prices. The delivery address is decisive in the way the taxes are calculated. If the ordered products are subject to additional charges: customs duties, import taxes or other specific legislation in the buyer's area, and these taxes are not mentioned on the checkout page, the buyer is directly responsible for their payment.

6.2. Transport costs and related services are billed and presented separately on the checkout page (or invoice, if applicable). Delivery address and order value may involve some costs, and some orders may incur additional charges.

6.3. By placement of the order the client assumes the obligation to pay the sale price, the applicable taxes, the transportation costs and the related services, without any subsequent price reduction.

7. Payment

7.1. Customers can choose to pay the order value by bank transfer, credit card, or other payment methods agreed by Printoteca. Printoteca reserves the right to limit the payment options available to the customer based on the order value, delivery address or other objective reason.

7.2. If the payment method chosen by the client makes it impossible for Printoteca to receive the payment (for example, the unavailability of funds or incomplete payment data) without the Printoteca having any responsibility in this respect, the client assumes that Printoteca may request additional costs in the process of recovering the amounts owed.

7.3. Printoteca can contract external services for processing payments.

7.4. If the customer does not make the payment, Printoteca may also transfer the responsibility for recovering the owed ammounts to a specialized company and transfer the client's personal data to those companies.

7.5. The customer agrees to receive the invoice in electronic format, by e-mail or downloadable from the account on the site.

8. Ownership of products Until payment is received and product shipped, Printoteca remains the owner. When the goods are transferred to the courier service provider, the ownership and the risks to which the products are exposed are transferred entirely to the customer. The customer is responsible for how the products are handled until the transfer is completed in the case of product returns.

9. Guarantees

9.1. To the extent that the products present defects accordingly to the terms of the warranty, the customer has the right to request the order renewal, the withdrawal from the contract or a discount on the sale price.

9.2. Communication via the Internet,at the current level of technology, can not be considered free of errors. Therefore, the Printoteca can not assume the availability / interruption of an offer on the site as a result of a technological disruption.

9.3. All products marketed by Printoteca benefit from the conditions of legal compliance and commercial policies of the producers. The products are new, and come from sources licensed by each manufacturer.

10. Return of products According to thOUG no. 34/2014, art. 16, exceptions to the right of withdrawal are products made according to consumer specifications or clearly personalized. With the exception of personalized, on-demand products, you have the right to return the products within 14 days without giving any reason. The period during which the products can be returned expires 14 days after receipt of the delivery confirmation to the courier service provider. In order to exercise the right of return, the client must contact Printoteca: (WE ARE MONO SRL), Schitu Magureanu nr.17, apt. 2, 010182, Bucharest, Romania, Phone +40 770 535 869, regarding the decision to withdraw from the contract by a written message. Repayment of the amounts paid, except for shipping costs, will be made when the returned goods return back to the Printoteca within a maximum of 14 days. You are responsible for any diminished value of goods resulting from manipulation, other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods. Exceptions to the right of cancellation The revocation of this contract is not possible for goods which have not been prefabricated and which have been either individually selected or explicitly personalized by the customer to meet their personal preferences. According to OUG no. 34/2014, art. 16, exceptions to the right of withdrawal are products made according to consumer specifications or clearly personalized. This document is subject to the law of Romania and the European Union. Eventual disputes between the organizer and the campaign participants will be solved amicably or, if this is not possible, the litigations will be settled by the competent Romanian courts.

11. Copyright for printed designs In the case of products made with the product configurator but also those loaded on the marketplace, the copyright for the design elements / content used is entirely the client or the partner who uploaded those files on the Printoteca platform. By uploading the graphics on the Printoteca platform, the client or partner is directly responsible for any damage or violation of third party rights. The Client is responsible for any breach of any third-party rights violation and will bear any costs / damages incurred by such a conflict.

12. Technical limitations In fulfilling the contract, reasonable differences may arise between the way in which the products are presented in Printoteca presentation materials and the physical product, especially in digital promotional materials. Differences can refer to color shades, textures, proportions, material properties, or any other elements that can not be fully rendered in a presentation. At the same time, small differences between products may occur as a result of technological process changes both at the Printoteca and its suppliers. The quality of the files Textile print graphics will have the following features: PNG file, RGB color mode, 300 dpi resolution, 1: 1 scale. The seller is not responsible for the content of the graphic files sent by the recipient and is not required to interfere with them. Location of graphics on textile products Product graphics layout and graphics simulation colors are orientative for the seller. The Beneficiary will consider that differences may exist between how graphics are embedded in digital simulation and reality as a result of differences in product proportions but also due to production process limitations. Graphics are printed on a maximum area of ​​35x40 cm, any element that exceeds these surfaces is considered as an additional print and is charged as such. Printing can not be done over stitches, zips, buttons or any other items that can not be flattened. Colors The Beneficiary will take into account the fact that there are chromatic differences between the digital simulation and the real product, with the right to request material samples at the Printoteca showroom and print samples made by the seller prior to placing the order. The display of the graphics on the screen versus the viewing mode on a textile is different because the two media are substantially different. There may be chromatic differences between printing on colored / dark colored products and light / light-colored products, due to the fact that colorful / dark colored products require the application of an extra white ink layer as a print base. Other specific technical features The print texture on colored / dark colored products is different from that of white / light products, since in the first case the ink clings the fiber, and in the second case the ink penetrates into the fiber. Depending on the composition of the fabric, for colored / dark colored fabrics, a white outline may appear as the trace of the white ink layer used as the print base. In the process of printing colored / dark colored textiles, pretreatment is also included with a fixation solution. This process can generate traces on the poduct and a tough texture - they disappear after the first wash. Printoteca does not make customizations on products or materials brought by the customer.

13. Data protection Printoteca uses the personal data of the clients for the purpose for which they were provided and in accordance with data protection regulations. The provided personal data (eg Name, e-mail address, mailing address, bank details, billing details) are strictly used for fulfilling orders placed. These data are confidential and will not be passed on to third parties who are not involved in the ordering, delivery or payment process. The customer is free to receive information about his or her personal data stored by Printoteca. At the same time, the customer has the right to correct these data or request their deletion.

14. Final provisions The parties to the contract will be considered independent cantractants and neither of them is granted the right or authority to assume or create any obligation on the account of or at the expense of the other. The terms and conditions of this document supersede any prior written or verbal agreement between the Parties regarding the subject of this Agreement and may not be altered or exchanged except by written agreement signed by both parties.