A good design deserves a #printbun

The desire to deliver a #printbun is the force that keeps the Printoteca moving. A #printbun, no matter how simple it may seem, consists of several super-important values ​​for us:


The raw materials, consumables, production process and packaging we use respect the principle of sustainability.

99% of the textiles we print are made of sustainable materials such as recycled polyester or organic cotton. We are extremely careful when choosing our suppliers and it is essential that the raw materials they produce are made in conditions that respect the environment and people.

We use only original consumables, respectively inks without negative impact on the environment, based on water, with OekoTex certification. The liquid residues resulting from the production are also collected by a company specialized in their neutralization.

We optimized the production process so as to generate as little waste as possible, and we collect the results and hand them over to a recycling operator.

Starting with 2020, we have reduced the plastic in the packaging of products to less than 10% of the total packaging that leaves the Printoteca.

Our desire to grow sustainably makes us constantly improve, every little change being an important step for us and our trusted customers.


Our goal is to deliver products that people love to wear for a long time. We want the Printoteca community to buy a little, but good, just as much as they need. We discourage the sale of volume and the creation of unnecessary stocks. That is why we print on demand as much as necessary.

Our portfolio consists of premium products, those types of products that do not fit into the "promotional" pattern but are a "fashion" product. We have a wide range of models and colors to offer unlimited creative possibilities.

The durability of the print is given by several factors: we use only original inks, we also pre-treat white textiles, to obtain intense and resistant colors, we dry them in a hot air oven.


We are constantly concerned about the improvements that appear in our field and we are constantly growing the Printoteca workshop in order to deliver on the local market products and services that can compete with the international offer.


The Printoteca workshop and showroom are open to visitors and we always offer thorough information about our processes. It is important for us to have an open relationship with our partners and to develop together.

Information about our production costs is available on printoteca.ro and the discount policy we apply is transparent and universal.