Seller Guide

This guide is for those who want to sell products in the Printoteca marketplace. If you already have a site where you sell your products, contact us for a B2B collaboration.

Join the Printoteca community and start selling products printed with your graphics in the Marketplace!

What is the Marketplace?

The Printoteca Marketplace is a free online platform where any artist, brand or creative initiative can sell their own graphics printed on products from the Printoteca catalog. The products are made on-demand in our workshop and delivered directly to end customers!

We provide you with the necessary resources to start making money from the sale of your graphics, whether you are a physical person, you have a company or an NGO! We take care of production and delivery, so you don't have to worry about stocks or couriers. You have more time to create new graphics and promote your online store!

Create in just a few minutes your own online shop on the Printoteca Marketplace platform, choose the products you want to include in your store, upload graphics and start selling immediately! Then follow the commissions generated from the sale of your products and withdraw the money.

How does it work?

1. Create a vendor account and make sure you read the contents of this guide and marketplace terms and conditions carefully.

  1. From the "Sell with us" section or from the basic account registered on the site, choose the option to become a seller. Fill in your contact details correctly and completely. This information will be used to finalize the contractual terms according to the legislation in force. Make sure that the payment details (account number, name of the holder) are correct, in case of contract we will not be able to pay the commissions generated by the sales.

  2. This information is private and is used in the collaboration relationship with Printoteca

2. Set up your store

  1. Choose a name for the store. You can use your name or sell under a pseudonym that you use in Social Media for your artist or brand page. Whatever you choose, aim to be a name that stays in the minds of your customers! You have the option to add a short description of the store - you can say a few details about yourself or what your brand aims for. Avoid formulations such as “design + first name”, “shop + first name” or “art + first name” because they lack creativity and inspire unprofessionalism.

  2. Upload a profile picture to your store. Make sure you have chosen a representative image for you or your brand and that it respects the right proportions and dimensions.

  3. This information is visible to the public on the site after the approval of the store

  1. Once the virtual store is created, you can move on to the next step (product configuration), but in order to have the public store, it must be approved by the Printoteca administrators.

  2. The store can be approved only after the completion of the contractual formalities. In this sense, you will be contacted directly by a Printoteca representative.

5. Upload the first designs - it's time to upload the first graphics that will be printed on t-shirts, sweatshirts and other products available in the Shop!

  1. For a #printbun follow a few specifications before uploading images:

  • Save the images in .png format, with transparent background - you will be able to configure any colored product

  • Use RGB color code and a resolution of at least 300 DPI at a maximum print size of 35x40 cm

  • You can set the print size in the product configurator, depending on the item chosen, but for loading you must consider the minimum dimensions mentioned above

  1. From your vendor account, MY PRODUCTS section, choose the ADD PRODUCT option. You will go to the UPLOAD ART step where the image can be uploaded, but only after you make sure that it respects the terms of the Printoteca, which is very important to read.

  2. Follow the ENTER INFO step where you have to fill in information about the graphics you are going to sell, such as name, short description, tags or the category you belong to. Complete this stage with attention because it will help those who visit the Printoteca site to easily find your products and will convince them to buy them. We shall not approve designs that have no description or that have a random text for description.

  3. After uploading the image, in the CREATE PRODUCTS step, a list of products will be generated from which you can choose what you will publish in the store. Generating the product list can take from a few seconds to a few minutes, so please be patient.

  4. From the product list, tick the selected products (bottom right button, next to each product). After checking the products you are interested in over each product, the CREATE button will appear, which you must press to configure each product separately: graphic resizing, rotation, placement on the product. Also from the CREATE option you will select the colors on which your graphics will be available, for each product separately- Attention! Make sure you choose only colors on which the graphic will be visible, for example, if you have a graphic that contains a black outline and choose a dark shade product, the contrast between the two will not be very high. Limit yourself to a maximum of 5 colors per product.

  5. After configuring the products, press the DONE button at the bottom of the page. We check the products and do not ensure that I meet all the requirements for a #printbun! As soon as I receive the green light, your products will be available in the Marketplace. You will receive an information email that will tell you if the products have been approved or not.

  6. You can see them all in your account and you can add new works at any time

6. Track sales in the Dashboard - you have quick access to all sales generated in the marketplace

  1. See which of your products are Bestsellers or the colors preferred by your customers

  2. The commissions are paid in the interval 15-30 from the month following the month in which the sales were made. If the product is returned to the customer, it will not generate a commission.

  3. The amounts displayed in the sales dashboard are gross, of which taxes will be deducted, depending on your tax regime. From a commission of 30 lei, a company will collect 25.2 lei + VAT.

  4. Only completed sales are displayed in the dashboard, after which they can be returned (older than 15 days). If a product is returned, the sale is considered unfinished and, consequently, does not generate a commission.

the vendor dashboard provides orientative information, still being in development, data from there can be erroneous. To receive the exact date, send a request to

7. Promote your store. Each store has a unique link that you can distribute on social media platforms or that you can promote anyway you think will attract more sales. If you want a special campaign for your products, contact a Printoteca representative.

What type of content will NOT be approved on the Printoteca marketplace:

  • Products that do not comply with the Fake & Hate policy

  • Products that contain graphics taken from stock image platforms, even if they are paid

  • Products with a funny message, jokes, rendered by a typo, which are not supported by an elaborate visual content

  • Graphics/language with explicit content, inappropriate for the minors who visit our platform

  • Flooding (excessive product loading) is not permitted, we reserve the right to limit the number of products loaded to maintain the variety and visibility of all vendors in the marketplace.

  • Duplicate products

  • Similar products (graphics are vaguely different from already loaded graphics or graphics are applied to products with a similar cut / appearance)

  • Products that have more than 5 selected colors or randomly selected colors, without matching loaded graphics

  • Graphics incompatible with DTG print (it is not mandatory, but we recommend that you try a DTG print at least once before opening an online store)